Amerus Safety Policy…


“Leadership in my book is to provide purpose, direction and motivation to my subordinates and peers alike to accomplish our goals, and our primary goal is to keep our employees safe at all times through a continued safety program so they can go home every night to their families."

Chris Mattingly, Vice President of Operations


Our employees are our most important assets, and we do everything possible to safeguard them and our client’s employees at all times.

Safety is the responsibility of every person at Amerus. We are dedicated to completing each task, each day, incident free. Every member of our team has both the right, responsibility and most importantly the obligation to stop any activity that could put anyone at undue risk. We are our brothers’ keeper and they are ours.

As part of our Safety commitment, Amerus utilizes ISNetworld and its safety prequalification systems to maintain our status in the industry. We take pride in developing safe worksites and maintaining a best-in-class safety rating, and through using ISNetworld, Amerus is not only able to provide clients with the top subcontractors but also select teams that value and share our safety culture.

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