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Built to last the wear and tear in the Oil patch, these drive over containment systems are built with specialized coating that tests their durability. Custom sizes available to meet the individual needs of each client.

These trailers serve as way to prevent heat injuries in this hot environment allowing the employees a place to rest and recuperate before heading back on the job. These also serve as a good place for morning safety meetings, JSA agreements and logistics planning.

Used to pull fluids that have been spilled on locations, recovering oils, greases and water. These can be efficiently used to minimize costs for other services and preventing slips and falls on your location. – 800 gal capacity.

On-site Emergency Shower Trailers provide immediate and effective firstaid treatment in the event of accidental chemical exposure.

High volume, 5-8 gallons-per-minute with maximum 3,500 psi that can run on cold or hot operations. These trailers have become a necessity to clean operational equipment. (1200-gallon capacity)

With safety as a primary concern, our clients are turning to a restraint system that minimizes the effect of catastrophic blowouts and possible resulting injuries. These have an OSHA regulated standard tensile strength and each rental fleet undergoes thorough inspections as well as annual recertification and testing to ensure performance expectations.

Secondary Containment Systems provide permanent spill protection and aid in resulting costly cleanup procedures. These systems are customized for your specific needs.

Amerus uses an injected urethane foam core covered with a durable 120-mil polyurethane coating that will withstand chemical exposure. These pads install completely above ground and grade and are easily installed by two people.

We review the landscape and conduct dirt work and site prep inluding clearing, levelling, laying a stable base of material, smoothing and compressing the material into solid foundations.

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