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Looking for an Oilfield Safety & Environmental service provider with integrity?

Sick of headaches with unprofessional vendors…?

…the ones who show up late to location, with outdated equipment that hasn’t been properly maintained, charging you hidden fees.

Seems like maybe they should be paying you!

You shouldn’t have to deal with headaches like this or babysit your vendors.

Exceptional Service

At Amerus Oilfield Solutions, we understand that you deserve exceptional service, on time and on every job.

That’s why we’re available 24/7 with same day response time, so that you always get the service and support you need, when you need it. Our equipment is up to date and maintained rigorously, with no hidden fees!

Amerus is American Strong and Texas Proud. Our roots are all based here in Midland/Odessa, where we choose to base our company and raise our families. We seek to construct the kind of company that our kids and grandkids will choose to work at, and we know that treating our customers right is the way to do it.

Amerus provides innovative safety solutions throughout the oil patch with integrity and hard work. Flow/frac iron safety restraints keep you safe, containments environmentally protect the future, rentals are a necessity, and cameras watch it all unfold.

“This is a very exceptional company with professional services.”

Saulsbury Industries

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    Contact Us with your service requirements
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    Our people will be there promptly with well maintained equipment

If you’re exploring your options for an upcoming job, we’d love to provide you a quote for your consideration, at no obligation to you.

Contact Us to learn more about how Amerus Oilfield Solutions can help. Or send us your questions and a member of our team will be in touch to assist you.

We’re excited to provide you exceptional service!